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How “Tiger Shark Diving” started in Fuvahmulah?

Mr Abdulla Zafar Ali (Zaff)

Name: Abdulla Zafar Ali (Zaff)

Profession: PADI Dive Instructor
Diving Experience: More than a decade, Since 2011
Work: Former base leader of Extreme Dive Fuvahmulah
Hobby: Wave Surfing, Kite Boarding and Playing Football
Nationality: Maldivian, Fuvahmulah

Mr. Abdulla Zafar Ali who pioneered in discovering the first sight of Tiger shark in Fuvahmulah. Our Dive instructor is a native and a PADI-certified scuba instructor. He is not only a mere dive instructor, but one of the few divers who always think about the progress of this industry in Fuvahmulah.

Tiger Shark Dive | Fuvahmulah 2014
Zaff is leading dive group on 2014
The first Tiger shark dive in Fuvahmulah on 2011
First Tiger Shark Dive (L) Livia (R) Hussain Saeed (Kao) on 2011
Tiger shark dive in Fuvahmulah on 2011
After Tiger Shark Dive (Kao & Livia) on 2011
Tiger Shark dive trip on 2013
“I had my very first experience scuba diving in Fuvahmulah in the year 2011. At that time the dive equipment was very scarce and there were no dive center or dive schools in this island. But I never gave up. The ambition of bringing a successful recreational diving in Fuvahmulah never dies.

As time passes, I came to know that there are Tiger sharks close to the harbor of this island. This made me more enthusiastic in bringing recreational diving. I managed to get scuba equipment from one of the local fishing boat (boadhi dhoni), Tharaanage Iburey and with the help of Mr. Hussain Saeed (Kao) and Riyaz, Fehigiri I was able to catch the first sight of Tiger shark.

When I brought this news to my friends most of them made fun of what I have told them.  Many people said that you won’t be able to see that kind sharks in this island. It was the time that I felt I should discuss the stakeholders. Hence, I managed to convince few divers who were keen to explore this brand-new Tiger shark spot.  As I envisioned earlier after few months a local entrepreneur (Mr. Saud) who established a guest house and started selling diving to the Tiger shark point and I am one of the divers who guided the clients in diving for Mr. Saud.Within the span of 1- or 2-years people started investing in this field.  New dive centers, guest houses opened.  

Today I stand proudly as a pioneer of this profitable venture, we can see 21 guest houses and 7 diving schools or centers. I believe still there is room for development and expansion in this field. At the same time, I wish to prosper the water sport activities in a wider range”
Zaff getting ready fro dive
Zafar & Shah getting ready to jump in the water
Fuvahmulah first OPWC conducted by Shaah
First Discover Scuba Dive in Fuvahmulah by Shaah

Fuvahmulah, which is getting more popular day by day. Even dive-stake holders start promoting Fuvahmulah on different platforms, like dive fairs. Our dive site is the world's No. 1 Tiger shark dive destination with celebrity status. From the beginning until today, he has stayed on this path, following his passion as a scuba diving legend. I salute you guys for trying to make this place shine for scuba diving. This place is Shark Island, in the middle of the southern hemisphere below zero degrees.

Lunu first dive
Lonu's first dive experience with Zaff on 2014