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All year-round Scuba Diving, Wave Surfing, and Big Game Fishing season
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Our five-star PADI dive center, registered under the Maldives Ministry of Tourism, is one of the finest diving Centers around the Maldives. The dive center is a fully equipped facility, consisting of two floors. The ground floor includes an office, classroom, compressor room, store, wet area for washing the equipment, and a large equipment room able to accommodate more than twenty divers and their equipment.
The first floor is equipped with a 4.5-meter deep swimming pool, which is designed for confined water training dives. The pool area also includes a terrace for sunbathing and a Karaoke bar.

Wonders of the Sea

  • Tiger Shark
  • Thresher Shark
  • Hammer Head Shark
  • Silver Tip Shark
  • White & Black Tip Shark
  • Grey Reef Shark
  • Oceanic White Tip Shark
  • Oceanic Manta
  • Whale Shark
  • Mola Mola
  • Humpback Whale

Quick Facts

  • Fuvahmulah is also recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site.
  • Population: around 13,000, its 3rd populous island in the Maldives
  • Measurement: 4.5 km long and 1.2km wide, (481 Hector)
  • Religion: Islam
  • Official Language: Dhivehi Hector)
  • Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
  • Country cord: 960
  • Time: GMT 5 hours
  • Average temperature 30 degree Celsius
  • Major Industry: Tourism and Fishing

How to get Fuvahmulah

  • Option 1: Direct Domestic flight (80 min) (recommended)
    from Male’ - Fuvahmulah
    (2 flights a day)

  • Option 2: Domestic Flight
    (80 minutes)
    from Male’ - Gan (Addu)
    (3-4 flights a day)

  • By Speed Boat transfer
    (60 minutes)
    form Feydhoo (Addu) -Fuvahmulah


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Fuvahmulah "Tiger Shark Island"

Fuvahmulah Map