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About Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah is one large island about 4.5 km long and 1.2 km wide, local population is about 13,000, which itself is also an atoll unlike any other islands nor atolls of Maldives. Located below the zero degree equator on the Indian ocean, on the southern side of Maldives, Fuvahmulah is also UNESCO protected designated biosphere reserved.

The island has a domestic airport, which makes it very suitable for travelers. Once passengers land in Male’ International Airport, all that needs to be done is to board the flight from Male’ to Fuvahmulah through the domestic terminal. The flight duration will be 80 minutes to reach the island. Upon arrival, your host will be at the airport to receive you.
From there, your diving adventures will formally begin.
Apart from Tourism, Fishing and Agriculture are the second most popular industry in Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah Dive (wonders of the sea) unlimited shark encounter

Fuvahmulah is a treasure trove for shark lovers, making it truly a shark diver's paradise. The island towers up from the deep ocean much like a vertical cliff, consequently attracting a huge diversity of sharks and pelagic life all year around, making it one of the most unique areas in the world for pelagic.

Due to its location, Fuvahmulah is one the best, if not the best area in the world to get close encounters with
Tiger Sharks, with over 300 individuals identified by far with more individuals being identified weekly.

The island is also surrounded by a great variety of other shark species such as Thresher Sharks, Hammer-Head Sharks, Silver-Tip Sharks, Grey and White-Tip Reef Sharks, which can be observed all year around. Apart from this, you can also observe some other wonders of the ocean like the Whale Sharks, Oceanic mantas, and Mola Mola.

Wave Surfing (only beach break in Maldives)

There are no lagoons surrounding the island much like other islands, making the house reef very close to shore. The island is also often surrounded by waves ideal for all levels of surfers.

Located on the island is also, Thoondu, which is huge awhite sandy beach, with the only beach break in Maldives making it one of the most unique locations on the island and the Maldives. Many people can be observed going for a swim or surf there, especially during a good swell.

Geragando Fanno (Fanno Surf)
This is an ideal spot to learn surfing. During high tide, the waves that break off the reef gradually come to the shore creating excellent conditions for beginners.

Fishing (bigame fishing)

With a fleet of more than 100 fishing vessels daily go fishing.

Big game fishing is another popular industry on the island with participants catching Tunas and Wahoos regularly all year around.


The islanders have depended mostly do agriculture.
fertile lands ideal for farming the islanders have been self-sufficient throughout history. The island is the biggest producer of mango and banana in all of Maldives.

Fuvahumulah Landamrks

Sight-seeing is a must when you are in Fuvahmulah. With our partner hotels we can arrange island tours to the most picturesque locations in fuvahmulah. There are iconic mosques, various beaches, historical landmarks, nature parks and many other interesting locations.

Fresh Water Lakes

Another unique locations on the island are the two huge fresh water lakes, surrounded by wetland area. Many species of birds, plants and fish can be observed in and around this area.

Bandaara Kilhi (lake 1)
Largest freshwater body in the island. The lake and surrounding wetlands are lush and scenic area where there is an abundance of taro fields and java plums.

There are two wooden jetties going into platforms for the best view. This area is home to a huge variety of birds and fresh water fish, including the water hen and milkfish.
Famous Mud birth area located into North east side of Bandaara kilhi.

Dhadimagi Klhi (lake 2)
Second body of freshwater on the island. This area also encompasses a huge green area with huge varieties of plants and fish
Fuvahmulah Nature Park located in Dhadimagi Kilhi.
Visitors can enjoy canoeing or pedal boating.

Vasho Veyo

Located on dhoondigan, Vasho Veyo is an ancient circular bath skilfully handcrafted by locals using coral nearly 1000 years ago. That skilfully handcrafted coral stone bath is one of the few pre-islamic structures to be found well preserved in Maldives. That ancient stone pool complete with stone steps was prevously used for bathing by the inhabitants of the district.

Hukuru Miskiy

Located close to Rasge Fanno Beach, this is the first 2 story mosque to be built in fuvahmulah.Engraved limestone works date over a century.

Kedeyre Miskiy

This mosque was used by the islanders centuries ago. Located in Maadhado district, this was one of the first mosque to be built on the island. Through conservation efforts the mosque is now again used by the locals preserving this historical structure.


Located on the North Eastern side of the island in the ward of hoadhadu, this is the ruin of a pre-Islamic era chaitya whose main feature is a ruined stupa. It is believed to have been ruined and abandoned by the islanders after the conversion


Was built in 1300 CE when the nation converted to Islam.Believed to be the oldest mosque in Maldives. The mosque is still used by the locals for prayer.

Thoondu Beach

This iconic beach will be on the North Eastern side or North Western side of the island depending on the wind & currents. The heavy wave action has pounded the sand grains into perfectly smooth round pebbles of varying sizes. This is also one of the few shore breaks in Maldives.

Feendhi Fanno

Bikini Beach is located at in front of Fuvahmulah Police Station, That is designated area where only tourists are allowed to be bikini and its part of a public beach.

Kulheyfe Fanno (Pebbles Beach)

Kalho Akirigando (Black Stones)

Located on the south west side of the island, this beach is known for its distinctive black stones that are found exclusively in this zone. Seasonal swells bring waves that some locals surf.

Other facilities

  • Gym
  • Library
  • Post Office
  • Hospital & Clinics
  • Pharmacy
  • Surf School
  • Spa Service
  • Fishing trip
  • Canoeing
  • Motobike and Bicycle rental service
  • Banks and ATM services
  • Mobile Coverage and 4G services
  • Police Station services

The dress code on local islands:

  • We kindly request to wear t-shirts and shorts on the beaches of the island.
  • You can stay with bikinis in our pool area where you can use swimming pool and sun bathe.

Quick facts

  • Language: Dhivehi
  • Religion:Islam
  • Average temperature 30C
  • The country code +960

Currency Information:

  • Currency: Maldives Rufiya (MVR)
  • We use both Maldives Rufiya or US dollars
  • Exchange rate 1 US dollar = 17 Maldives Rufiyaa