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Dive Package
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Dive & Equipment rental Price

There are 18 different dive sites around the island, which are all done by boat. Dive sites are chosen by our instructors, depending on the divers experience level and weather conditions. We do 3 dives per day, including one Tiger Shark dive.

All dives are briefed and guided by our professional dive leaders to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety.

All the prices are in US dollars and inclusive all the taxes.

Mask, fins, cylinder, and weight are included for all divers. all the tanks are Aluminium
Nitrox inclusive for certified divers and Enriched air mixtures contains 31 percent oxygen.

Reef Dive (per person)
Reef dive
$ 70
2-6 Reef Dives
$ 65
20 Reef Dives plus
$ 60
Special dive to Tiger Shark at close proximity.
Not inclusive multiple dive count.
Tiger Shark dive
$ 80
Dive Equipment Set:
BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator & Dive Computer
$ 15
$ 5
$ 25
Wet Suit
$ 5
Gopro Camera
Dive Computer
$ 5
$ 5

Equipment Rental (per day)

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